We Buy Remelted Lead Ingots

At Galaxy Pigments Pvt. Ltd., we are very much concerned with environmental hazards and evince interest in Eco-friendly initiatives. In our efforts to focus our attention in this direction, we are ready to buy the scrap materials from different sources and process it securely that can mitigate the environment pollution to a greater extend. We buy remelted lead ingots from various sources. Some of the processed scrap materials that we offer are:

Remelted Lead Ingots: The remelted lead ingots are accessed by us through a process by secondary lead melting of scrap batteries.

Rails Type: This material is obtained from lead battery plates that come in the shape of automotive, industrial or mixed.

Relay Type: This material is cable lead or cable lead covered copper that is devoid of cables that are armored covered and free from foreign material.

Radio Type Scrap Lead (Mixed Hard/Soft Scrap Lead): This product consists of pure lead solids that are free from other materials such as drosses, battery plates, dirty chemicals lead and radioactive materials.

Rains Type: We obtain this item that is drained or dry intact lead scrap item that is free from any liquid.

Rope Types: This type of scrap consist of wheel weights.