We Manufacture Three Types of Lead Oxide

Lead Oxide Red (Red Lead)

Red Lead Manufacturers India : GPPL is one of the most trusted Red Lead manufacturers India that is efficiently thriving for the past three decades in this line of production and extending a wide array of high quality Red Lead chemically called Lead Tetra Oxide (Pb3O4). The Red Lead powder that we supply is in smooth reddish orange color and finds its extensive application as raw material in storage batteries and in paint manufacturing process. This apart, Red Lead forms the base for the manufacture of positive plates and tubular plates in Storage Batteries, in addition to glass, ceramic, rubber and plastic industries efficiently. Being a well reputed Red Lead Manufacturers India, we evince keen interest in maintaining transparency and business ethics in our dealings with our clients. We have installed the latest automatic Barton Plant and Red Lead furnaces in our manufacturing facility that is effectively utilized in the manufacture of Red Lead Oxide using Pure Lead as raw material having least purity of 99.98%. Our Red Lead conforms to IS: 57-1989 Type A, B and C.

Product Details
State Powder Free From Aggregates And Foreign Particles
Colour Orange Red (Consitent In Colour)
Pb3o4 Content60% – 97% Or As Per Customers Specification
Pbo2 Content 20.9% – 33.8% Or As Per Customers Specification
Free LeadNil
Physical Properties
Apparent Density 1.20 – 1.90 Gm/ccor As Per Customers Specification
Water Absorbtion 100 – 140 mg/gm
Acid Absorbtion150 – 210 mg/gm

Packing Details

  • 25 KG’s. Nett in Polyethylene liners bags with outer HDPE woven-sacks.
  • 50 KG’s. Nett box packing.
Bismuth150ppm Max
Silver30 ppm Max
Silver10 ppm Max
Iron30 ppm Max
Nick+cobalt 05 ppm Max
Manganese 05 ppm Max
Arsenic 05 ppm Max
Tellurium 05 ppm Max
Cadmium 10 ppm Max
Selenium 10 ppm Max
Zinc 10 ppm Max
Barium 10 ppm Max
Chromium 10 ppm Max
Sulphur 10 ppm Max
Calcium 10 ppm Max
Tin 10 ppm Max
Any Other Impurities 20 ppm Max

Applications Red Lead Oxide (Pb3O4)

Setting Grade & Non-setting Lead: This product has pure lead 99.98% least purity in varied forms like jointing grade, setting as well as non-setting grade.

Storage Battery: We offer Red lead to a wide range of clients in the industry domain engaged in the production of positive plates/tubular plates.
Paint industry:The Red Oxide pigment we offer to our clients is in instant mixed priming paints that have to be made use of within 24 hours after mixing.
Glass and Ceramic industry:Our Lead Red Oxide is widely used in lead glass, glazes and other related industries in an efficient manner.
Rubber and Plastics Industry: Red Oxide Lead finds its extensive application as an activator and vulcanizing agent and put to use as an inorganic coloring agent in the manufacturing processes of natural and synthetic rubber and plastics as well.

Lead Oxide Yellow (Litharge)

Litharge Manufaturers India : GPPL – Litharge manufactures India and supplies Litharge that is known chemically as Lead Mono Oxide (PbO) is an odorless yellow colored powder. Our premium quality Litharge powder finds extensive usage in diverse manufacturing industry domains like ceramics, insecticides, lubricants, rubber, PVC, inorganic pigments, petroleum refining and so on. We are one of the leading Litharge manufacturers India and Litharge suppliers having streamlined manufacturing facility with fully automated Barton Plant having a heating capacity at 600°C temperature in the beginning manufacturing process and have installed Litharge furnaces for the second production phase. Our Litharge manufacturing process involves making use of Pure Lead as raw material with of 99.98% purity.

Process of Manufacturing Litharge

Making of Litharge involves a batch process. Under such process, the furnace needs to be heated up to a temperature between 575 to 600°C using a gas or an oil fired burner. Afterwards, the Lead Oxide is metered and fed into the furnace. The material fed into the furnace gets combined and agitated at the above temperature during the entire process. Since the process is exothermic, this involves lesser fuel consumption because of the exothermic process.

When the process goes on, negative draft is maintained inside the furnace and the negative draft helps in accessing fresh oxygen to the furnace. This helps to ensure that the litharge is lesser than 0.05% of metallic lead. Then the Litharge from the furnace is transferred to a crusher to break the agglomerates. This process is carried out at a temperature of 600 °C. Once this is done, the litharge is stored in silos with cooling facility.

ColourCanary Yellow with Reddish tinch
Crystal StructureOrthorhombic + Tetragonal
Specific Gravity9.5 to 9.9
Thermal Stability250 ° C to 897 ° C
Retention on 240 mesh BS Sieve/63 micron IS Sieve (max %)0.1
Apparent Density (scott) gm/cc1.8 to 2.2
Subsidence in Petrol / Water mi/gm0.40 to 0.42
Acid Absorption mg/gm80 to 110
Solubility in Water gm/litre0.1
Oil Absorption %0.1
Insoluble matter in Acetic Acid (% Max)0.08
Melting point (°C)888
Volatile matter (% max)0.2
Water insoluble in acetic acid (% max)0.1
Water Absorption100 – 105 mg/gm
Pb3O4(% max)0.06
Free Lead (% Max)0.01 to 0.05
PbO (% Min)99.5

Packing Details

  • 25 KG’s. Nett in Polyethylene liners bags with outer HDPE woven-sacks.
  • 50 KG’s. Nett box packing.

Lead Sub Oxide (Grey Oxide)

Lead Suboxide Manufacturers India : GPPL is successfully functioning as the frontline company, engaged in the production and supply of Lead Suboxide to a broad clientele across the country. Lead Suboxide bears the chemical name as 2PbO.Pb and is a grayish colored powder. Lead sauboxide is also known as Grey Oxide or Battery Oxide. We thrive as a leading Lead Oxide manufacturers India that is widely used in the production process of Lead Acid Storage Battery plates, Electroplating Anode, in addition to Sulphuric Acid Tank Liners.

We extend Lead Oxide to our clients having high end quality in order to make sure the best outcomes for the end user industry. As a leading Lead suboxide manufacturers, we focus on utilizing only the Pure Lead with the maximum purity level of 99.97% as raw material in the production of Grey Oxide, which is subjected to further processing in our fully automated Ball Mill Plant. During such a process, we focus our attention in maintaining the temperature in the level of 115 – 135 C for smooth conversion of Lead to Lead Suboxide. Further, being a well reputed Lead Oxide manufacturer, we have made efforts to install in our production facility a heavy duty cooling mechanism in order to make sure an uninterrupted flow of air spraying system which is controlled by solenoid valve.

GPPL is a market leader in the production and supply of immaculate quality Lead Suboxide in India and we offer this product to esteemed clients as per client specifications at industry leading price.

Product Details
Apparent Density1.20-1.65 gm/cc
Sieve Test10.0% passing through 63 micronsMesh
Water Absorption90-150 ml/ 100gm
Acid Absorption170 mg/gm
Bismuthmax 0.0300%
Coppermax 0.0020%
Ironmax 0.0020%
Zincmax 0.0010%
Antimonymax 0.0010%
Arsenicmax 0.0001%
Silvermax 0.0010%
Tinmax 0.0010%
Nickelmax 0.0010%

Packing Details

  • 25 KG’s. Nett in Polyethylene liners bags with outer HDPE woven-sacks.
  • 50 KG’s. Nett box packing.