Lead Alloy Manufacturers India

GPPL is one of the premier companies for Lead Alloy manufacturers India, engaged in the production and supply of dross free Lead Alloys to a wide spectrum of industries making use of Antimonial lead (lead, antimony), Selenium Lead (lead, Selenium), Solder (lead, tin) and Calcium Lead (Lead, Calcium) in their Lead alloys manufacturing processes.

As a market leader in the supply of Lead Alloys, we strive hard to cater to the diverse and specific industrial requirements in a prompt and cost effective manner. Being one of the trustworthy lead alloy manufacturers India, we evince keen interest in making use of diverse alloying pots in varied capacities, in addition to automatic and high potent diesel burners that facilities us to integrate our Lead Alloys production process in a very systematic and flawless manner. Such manufacturing facilities we possess are considered as our hallmark in rendering our services as one of the well-organized Lead Alloy Manufacturers in India.

Selenium Lead Alloy

We offer high quality Selenium Lead Alloys that generally made use of in a wide range of industrial processes in order to offer higher strength to the surface. Typically the Selenium Lead Alloy is put to use in storage battery grids for casting. Our premium quality Selenium Lead Alloy consists of mainly Antimony 2-3% and Selenium 0.03%.

Product Details
Sn (Tin)0.1% – 1%
Ag (Silver)< 0.002
Sb (Antimony)1.6% – 3.5%
Bi (Bismuth)< 0.0150
Cd (Cadmium)< 0.0010
Al (Aluminum< 0.0010
As (Arsenic)0.1%- 0.2%
Ca (Calcium)< 0.0010
Cu (Copper)0.005% – 0.04%
Fe (Iron)< 0.0010
Ni (Nickel)< 0.0010
S (Sulphur)< 0.0010
Se (Selenium)0.025% – 0.038%
Te (Tellurium)< 0.0010
Zn (Zinc)< 0.0010
Pb (Lead)Balance

Calcium Lead Alloy

Extensively used in storage battery grids and metal casting purposes, the Calcium Lead Alloy is highly reliable to offer the desired results. Calcium Lead Alloy consists of 0.03 to 0.15% Ca. Our product is very cost effective and offer consistent performance.

Tin Lead Alloy

The Tin Lead Alloys that we produce and supply has fond extensive usage in diverse processes such as melting, casting, wetting properties etc. Moreover, our Tin Lead Alloys act as an indispensable ingredient in the manufacturing process of various other industries. The Lead Alloy Properties such as dross-free facilitates to achieve optimum results in other manufacturing processes and this Lead alloys product undergoes rigorous in-house Optical Emission Spectrophotometer test with 15 elemental test results showing up to 5 decimals precision, prior to supply to client industries.