Galaxy Pigments Pvt Ltd gives utmost importance for maintaining consistency in quality of range of products it offers to clients. In this direction, the company has taken initiatives to install a modern testing appliance known as Optical Emission Photo Spectrometer, a product of M/s SPECTROLAB, Germany, including the wet lab analysis appliances. This has become handy for the company to maintain consistency in quality of Refined Lead in each batch from the initial ingot to the last ingot that is produced to offer an outcome of 15 elements up to 5 decimals.

Similarly, we make efforts to address the concerns of all the Lead Oxide consuming manufacturing industries and our quality control personnel, that include Consultants, Technicians and Chemists, carefully test our Lead Oxide by making use of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer that restrict the Iron and Copper content less than 15 PPM in our entire batch of Lead Oxide manufactured by us.

The nature of manufacturing process is such that we need to give due importance to adhere to mandatory environmental standards. We have a pollution control system that is well-designed to mitigate the environmental hazards. For this, we have installed PLC controlled dust collectors, wet scrubbers in order to achieve effective pollution control, apart from accessing proper plant design as well as engineering controls to safe guard our workforce from getting exposed to occupational hazards arising from our manufacturing of Lead Alloys, Litharge, Pure Lead, Lead Suboxide, Lead Oxide, Red Lead, Refined Lead. Moreover, we strictly adhere to defined industry standards, plant hygiene practices and provide necessary education & training to our personnel to ensure utmost protection in the work environment.